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What impact has the Internet or technology had on academic standards?

When the internet was first invented, the only technology available to mankind was the abacus, old-fashioned cameras, and so on.

As we all know, the internet is the most modern method of communicating with individuals all over the world. The INTERNET was first used in the 1960s. A single signal can be transmitted to several people this way. Some people have abandoned the traditional method of sending mail. E-Messages is now commonly used to transmit mail to different sections of the country or to foreign countries.

ARPANET was responsible for the development of e-mail and the bulletin-board system.
It now has a variety of qualities, including,,,, and others. People recognized it as a modern method of communicating with their family, friends, loved ones, and other relatives.

In 1991, the public was introduced to what is now known as the WORLD WIDE WEB.

The WORLD WIDE WEB is the part of the Internet that most people see and use, and it is this aspect of the Internet that has made it so popular. This resulted in a significant increase in online usage. The internet continues to grow at an astounding rate. There are currently over a billion online pages and countless more.

And now that the INTERNET has become my primary source of information, I use it to study, discover, and see new things. I consider myself quite fortunate to have access to the internet. For my projects, assignments, research, and so on, but I’m not forgetting to study by book, conduct research in libraries, and so on, since while I recognize that the internet is quite useful, I also recognize that I must assist myself in connecting my studies to my own learning. Because I will bring everything, I have been studying until I graduate from college, then working till I am old enough to live on my own. Which is most likely the so-called SALARY.

February 9, 2022

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