Get the opportunity to Learn how to make different type of soap.
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👉Are you willing to become a boss of your own??
👉stay at home and make money at the comfort of your home
👉Do you desire a glowing skin
👉do you desire to learn how to produce soap from the comfort of your home

Then this training is for you
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Don’t just wait.. empower yourself to become a creative Soapmaker.

Join our four days intensive online training and learn how to produce Natural/organic soaps Liquid soaps, Bar soaps, Herbal soaps, and Organic soaps!

The course contents break down 👇👇👇👇

👉Understanding basic Soap-making principles
👉All about soap
👉Ingredients In Soap Making And Their Functions
👉How To Start a Successful Soap Making Business
👉What You Need For Soap Making
👉Where and How To Sell Soap
👉Guide In Soap Making
👉Making Soap

👉DIY coconut and lime soap
👉DIY Organic baby soap
👉DIY Shampoo bars
👉Goat milk and alfalfa soap
👉Turmeric and coconut milk soap
👉Charcoal Face Soap
👉Coffee grounds Soap
👉Lemon Green Tea Soap
👉Oat Meal Cinnamon Soap
👉How To Make Medicated Soap
👉Cinnamon Honey & Almond Soap Recipe
👉HoneyComb Soap
👉Bentonite Clay Soap
👉Orange Cloves Soap
👉DIY Bar Soap Made With Silicon Mold

👉Liquid multi-purpose soap
👉Laundry Bar Soap
👉Domestic Bleach
👉Toilet Cleaning Lotion (Harpic)
👉Air Freshener
👉Vim (Pot Cleanser)
👉Germicide (izal)
👉Mentholated Balm
👉How to make Body Spray
👉How To Make Perfume

👉Facial glow oil
👉Turmeric glow oil
👉Turmeric body polish
👉Hair Growth oil
👉Hair Wonder Hair Growth Cream
👉Hair Shampoo
👉Hair Conditioner
👉Anti-dandruff hair cream
👉Herbal Hair Growth Shampoo
👉Recipes For Hair Growing

👉Liquid Soap
👉Hand-washing liquid soap
👉Bar Soap
👉powder detergent

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  1. Nice course


    the training is set in a way that every body can understand it

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